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Client: John P.
Age: 37
Occupation: Small Business Owner, Retail, 4 total employees
Primary Goal: Reduce his stress levels and time spent on bookkeeping and regulatory compliance, improve his understanding of his business’s finances, increase his profit margins, and refocus his efforts on his passion for his retail business.

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John is the owner of a small retail store in a busy shopping center. He’s passionate about his business and works hard to make it a success. However, despite his efforts, John was overwhelmed by his bookkeeping, spending too much time on it, and making mistakes. He was struggling to keep track of his inventory and cash flow. This led to frustration and anxiety, as he didn’t know if he was making the right decisions for his business. John was also worried about the time and effort it would take to stay on top of the changing regulations. His stress levels were so high that he had trouble sleeping at night. He knew he needed help, and that’s when he found our firm. 


Upon engaging with our firm, we set John up with a QuickBooks Online account, customized to meet the specific needs of his business. We trained him on how to use the program features to track his income, and expenses and provided an understanding of the reports he could generate from the program. We also took the time to explain the tax laws relevant to his business. And we assisted John in comprehending how these laws applied to his specific entity and location, ensuring that he fully utilized his business entity’s benefits. Moreover, we ensured John’s compliance with all relevant regulations, freeing him from the worry of regulatory changes.

As part of our regular meetings, we reviewed John’s cash flow and made adjustments as necessary. Additionally, we reconciled John’s books, noticed some discrepancies in his inventory, and worked with him to determine the cause of the discrepancies. We then adjusted his inventory system. This systematic and comprehensive approach gave John a clear picture of his business finances, seeing where he was spending excessively and losing money. With this newfound clarity and our guidance, he was able to make informed adjustments that led to a 20% increase in his profit margin.

Within a few months of working with us, John felt less stressed and more confident about his business. He was able to save significant hours per month by using our system to track his income and expenses. Additionally, he saw an increase in his gross profits. Now, instead of worrying about his finances, he spends less time on administrative tasks and more time on what he loves about his business. As a result, John’s sleep improved, and he no longer wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about his business.

In conclusion, John’s journey with our firm completely transformed his business and well-being. He now confidently makes data-driven decisions in real time, thanks to the real-time financial data he has access to. He appreciates the consistent, reliable service he can count on and knows that his business finances are in good hands. Not only has he seen a significant decrease in time spent on compliance and cash flow management, but his bottom line also improved. 

John’s testimony mirrors that of our other clients, who report an average increase in profit margin within the first year of working with us, and a significant decrease in time spent on administrative tasks and worrying. With his stress reduced and business booming, John can focus on his passion for his business and enjoy his personal life more. His success story is a testament to our firm’s commitment to helping small businesses like John’s thrive and grow.


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