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Small Business Accounting Services

As a small business owner, we know that you wear a lot of hats, covering all types of roles that aren’t necessarily where your expertise lies. But accounting activities can be incredibly overwhelming. And it’s a critical part of your business’s success.

When you work with a small business CPA, you gain the peace of mind that the books are handled properly. Plus, outsourcing gives you the chance to focus on your core business operations. A small business accountant helps with financial statements, financial strategy, and tax preparation, as well as the more day-to-day things.

With ENGAGE CPAs, clients get personalized and responsive service from dedicated accounting professionals.

Do I Need an Accountant for My Small Business?

It’s probably the best investment you can make in your business’s future. Working with a small business CPA ensures your finances are in order and that you are ready when tax season rolls around. The accountant’s role also includes keeping you up to date, in compliance, and ready for the unexpected.

small businesses accounting services
accounting services for small teams

Accounting Services for Remote Teams

At ENGAGE CPAs, not only do our accountants and bookkeepers work virtually for companies all over the country, but we also work for companies without a physical address. There are many benefits to flexible hiring. Yet, the quickly expanding reliance on remote workers can create extra challenges for employers.

When it comes to financial obligations and tax prep for remote operations, business owners have a lot of questions. Our business accounting services have evolved to help companies with fully remote teams, employees who work from home, either temporarily or full-time, and hybrid workers.

Accounting Services for Real Estate Agencies

In many ways, the real estate industry is its own world. Experience is very helpful when setting up accounting practices, balancing creditors and debtors, organizing cash flow, and preparing taxes for a real estate agency. This is all part of the job, for ENGAGE CPAs. Plus, our business accountants help companies with remote workforces to meet compliance and reporting benchmarks.

accounting services for real estate agencies
account services for event vendors

Accounting Services for Event Vendors

We have worked with a lot of small business owners in the event industry. Ranging from photographers to planners and other creative professionals, these clients often need support with budgeting, bookkeeping, and financial reporting that helps them plan for the future. We can help event vendors at every point, from getting accounting records set up correctly to long-term financial planning.


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