5 star rating
Engage CPAs has changed my life. I went from baskets of receipts to a mish mosh of bank statements to an accurate monthly P&L. The accuracy has allowed my business to grow 150% in just one year. I cannot thank ENGAGE CPAs enough. They are genuine, knowledgeable and even funny! I am professionally and personally eternally grateful.
Nicole Marcum Rife
5 star rating
So happy with the services, I saved a lot of money this year. You get what you pay for and paying for good accounting advice is extremely valuable to me as a business owner. I appreciate the ongoing strategy and business advice, it’s given me peace of mind and confidence in my business planning. Can’t recommend highly enough.
Sarah Holmes
5 star rating
Engage CPAs is hands down the best investment I have made in my 11 years in business. Michael has not only been my accountant but he has served as my business advisor. ENGAGE CPAs has helped grow and improve my business in many, many ways beyond the scope of what you would expect from your average accountant. Not only does everyone at ENGAGE help us navigate the confusing world of business taxes but they always help us to better understand where we are going as a business, where we want to get to and how we need to get there. We always look forward to these business checkup meetings.
Pete Malone
5 star rating
We love ENGAGE!! We usually love our in person meetings with ENGAGE, but doing it virtually was no different. It still included the usual stellar advice and some great banter as well. In all seriousness, I would never understand my books, my business or my goals if I didn’t have ENGAGE on board to manage my accounting. Mike and his team always provide not just accounting advice, but also general business advice and they have never steered me wrong.
Caitlin Maloney
5 star rating
ENGAGE has done an impeccable job providing expert support and guidance in the most professional of ways while also making me feel comfortable when their area of expertise is outside of my wheelhouse! They are friendly, patient, reliable, timely, detail-oriented and everything you could possibly want from a team that looks out for your small business and taxes. I was so impressed with ENGAGE that I referred my husband to them and then my husband was so impressed with them, that he now refers his clients to them when they are in need of a CPA. So grateful.
Lisa Podell Boss


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